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There are currently 21 active Professors-at-Large, representing the following disciplines:

Physical Sciences (4): Jordan Ellenberg, Margaret Martonosi, David J. Stevenson, Carl Wieman

Life Sciences (3): Andrew Dobson, Bram Govaerts, *Stephen Quake

Social Sciences (4): Steven Levitsky, Lynn Meskell, John Rickford, Theda Skocpol

Humanities (4): James Balog, Martín Caparrós, Tayari Jones, Bruno Latour

Arts (6): Xu Bing, Oskar Eustis, Wynton Marsalis, Keri Putnam, Brinda Somaya, Dawn Upshaw

* Crosses Physical Science and Life Science.

Below is a roster of the current Professors-at-Large, their term of appointment, and a brief summary of their accomplishments.

Jordan Ellenberg

JORDAN ELLENBERG (2019-25) is both a world-class scholar of mathematics and a world-class communicator. His mathematical expertise focuses primarily on arithmetic algebraic geometry and number theory. Ellenberg has earned numerous awards for his scholarly achievements,. These awards include the Simons Fellowship in Mathematics (2018); a Guggenheim Fellowship (2016); and an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship … Read More

Stephen Quake

STEPHEN QUAKE (2018-24) is the Lee Otterson Professor of Bioengineering and Applied Physics at Stanford University and the co-president of the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub. Dr Quake is a world-leading bioengineer with an extraordinary track record of accomplishments in biomedical engineering and genomic medicine. Dr. Quake’s current research focuses on developing new approaches to biological measurement … Read More

Bram Govaerts

BRAM GOVAERTS (2019-25) is the Director of the Integrated Development Program and Regional Representative for the Americas in the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT). Govaerts specializes in the fields of bioscience engineering and soil sciences. He is a scientist renowned for pioneering, implementing, and inspiring transformational changes for farmers and consumers in meeting … Read More

Carl Wieman

CARL WIEMAN (2019-25) is DRC Chair in Engineering and Professor of Physics and Graduate School of Education, at Stanford University.  He is known for his work in atomic and optical physics, winning the 2001 Nobel Prize for Physics for the first creation of a Bose-Einstein condensate. This realized a prediction of Einstein in 1924 and … Read More


Oskar Eustis

OSKAR EUSTIS (2020-26) has served as the artistic director of The Public Theater since 2005, after serving as the artistic director at Trinity Repertory Company in Providence, RI from 1994 to 2005. Throughout his career, Eustis has been dedicated to the development of new work that speaks to the great issues of our time and has worked with … Read More

Tayari Jones

TAYARI JONES  (2019-25) is Professor of English and Creative Writing at Emory University. She is the best-selling author of An American Marriage, which won the 2019 Women’s Prize for Fiction and was named a 2018 Oprah’s Book Club Selection. Jones’ other novels include Leaving Atlanta, The Untelling, and Silver Sparrow. Named one of TIME’s “10 Best Fiction Books … Read More

Brinda Somaya

BRINDA SOMAYA (2017-23) is an internationally recognized Mumbai-based architect, planner, educator, preservationist, and community activist. Her outstanding reputation and influence on architectural education and practice in emerging countries are well established. She is the principal architect and managing director of Somaya and Kalappa Consultants (SNK), which offers innovative design, expertise, and practical solutions while keeping … Read More

Andrew Dobson

Andrew Peter (Andy) Dobson (2016-22) is Professor of Ecology, Wildlife Disease and Conservation, in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Princeton University. His research focuses on the ecology of infectious diseases and the conservation of endangered and threatened species. His main areas of interest are the application of theoretical ecology to problems in … Read More

Margaret Martonosi

Margaret Martonosi ’86 (2016-22) is the Hugh Trumbull Adams ’35 Professor of Computer Science, Department of Computer Science at Princeton University, and also an affiliated faculty in Electrical Engineering, and an affiliate with Princeton’s Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP), and the Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI). From 2005 to 2007, she served as Associate Dean … Read More

Xu Bing

XU BING (2015-23) is a Chinese-born artist whose artistic and cultural interventions touch on the fields of public and ecological art, printmaking, new media installations, drawing, and sculpture.  Professor Xu Bing resides both in the US (since 1990) and Beijing, where he served as Vice President of China’s Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Beijing, … Read More

James Balog

JAMES BALOG (2020-26) is the Founder of the Extreme Ice Survey and Earth Vision Institute. For 40 years, as a photographer, Balog has broken new conceptual and artistic ground on one of the most important issues of our era: human modification of nature. An avid mountaineer with a graduate degree in geography and geomorphology, Balog is … Read More

Keri Putnam

KERI PUTNAM (2018-24) is CEO of Sundance Institute, the nonprofit organization founded in 1981 to support, develop and amplify independent artists in film, media, and theater. Putnam oversees the annual Sundance Film Festival as well as the Institute’s extensive array of programs to support and present the work of storytelling artists around the world.  Under … Read More

Wynton Marsalis

WYNTON MARSALIS (2015-22) is an internationally celebrated American musician, composer, bandleader, and educator, and artistic director, and principal co-founder of Jazz at Lincoln Center (JALC), which has evolved as the preeminent site for jazz in the United States. Under Marsalis’s leadership, Jazz at Lincoln Center has become one of the world’s most acclaimed jazz performance … Read More

David J. Stevenson

David J. Stevenson (2015-2021)—The Marvin L. Goldberger Professor of Planetary Science at the California Institute of Technology, is a world-class scientist, renowned for his creative ideas and contributions of original research in a broad span of areas centering on planetary science but extending as well to geophysics and astrophysics.  Professor Stevenson has conducted pioneering work … Read More

Soprano Dawn Upshaw

Dawn Upshaw

DAWN UPSHAW (2020-26) is an internationally-acclaimed soprano, five-time GRAMMY Award winner, and the first vocalist to receive a MacArthur “Genius Grant” Fellowship. Joining a rare natural warmth with a fierce commitment to the transforming communicative power of music, Upshaw has achieved worldwide celebrity as a singer of opera and concert repertoire ranging from the sacred works of Bach … Read More