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Michel Devoret

Michel Devoret

Michel Devoret
Full visit: November 18-22, 2024

  • Professor, University of California at Santa Barbara

  • Chief Scientist, Google Quantum AI

  • ADW-PAL term: 2023-29
  • Subject Area: Physical Sciences
  • Faculty host: Valla Fatemi (Assistant Professor, School of Applied and Engineering Physics)
  • Faculty co-host: Gregory D. Fuchs (Associate Professor, School of Applied and Engineering Physics)

Michel Devoret is an internationally recognized and highly distinguished physicist, renowned for his extensive history of impactful accomplishments in the field of quantum physics, including his discovery of superconducting artificial atoms, which set the stage for the development of superconducting qubits, one of the most competitive prospective platforms for quantum computing. Following this discovery, his laboratory has continued to pioneer the physics, both basic and applied, of superconducting circuits for quantum information science and technology over the last two and a half decades.

Devoret is a Professor at University at Santa Barbara and Chief Scientist at Google Quantum AI. He was previously the F.W. Beinecke Professor of Applied Physics at Yale University, where he had been from 2002-24. He also acted as an advisor to the French Government, in part having served as the Director of Research, Head of the Quantronics Group, CEA-Saclay, France from 1995-2002. He has received several notable international awards for his research, including the 2021 Micius Quantum Prize award, focusing on the observation of quantum effects in superconducting devices, for his leading role in pioneering superconducting quantum circuits and qubits.

Devoret earned his Ph.D. in Solid State Physics from University of Paris, Orsay, France in 1982; an M.S. in Quantum Optics from University of Paris, Orsay, France in 1976; and an Ing. Dipl. from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, Paris, France in 1975.