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Selection Committee 2019-2020

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Selection Committee 2019-2020

Each member of the Selection Committee, other than ex officio, agrees to a three-year term of office.

Prof. Gerard Aching-Department of Romance Studies

Prof. Leslie Adelson-Department of German Studies

Prof. Susanne Bruyere-School of Industrial and Labor Relations

Prof. Cornelia Farnum-(Prof. Emerita)-Department of Biomedical Sciences

*Prof. David Feldshuh– A.D. W. Professors-at-Large Program Chair-Performing and Media Arts

Prof. Cynthia Hazan-Department of Human Development

*Barbara Knuth-Dean of the Graduate School

Prof. Bruce Levitt-Department of Performing and Media Arts

Prof. Rebecca Nelson-Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology

Prof. Michael Schuler-Department of Biomedical Engineering

*Dr. Vijay Pendakur-Dean of Students

*Charles Van Loan-Dean of University Faculty

Prof. Robert Weiss-Department of Biomedical Sciences


*ex officio members