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Professor-at-Large Lectures Listing

During their campus residencies Professors-at-Large present free lectures that are open to the Cornell Community and the public.  The Program makes every effort to tape current Professor-at-Large lectures and post them on CornellCast as a virtual resource.  The presentations that have been videotaped and audiotaped are listed below in two parts.


The audiotapes listed were digitized and made available in June 2016 by eCommons.  Click link below:

Professor-at-Large Lectures from 1970-1995


The notation [CC] indicates those lectures that have been taped and posted on CornellCast:

Professor-at-Large Lectures 2008-Present


Shri Kulkarni

“Cosmic Explosions”- September 17, 2008 [CC]

“Transients: the Next Frontier (Palomar Transient Factory)”- September 11, 2008

“A Brave New World of Radio Transients”- October 2, 2008

“Dynamic Sky: Palomar Transient Factory” -March 29, 2013; [CC]

Hans Föllmer

“Risk, Model Risk and Knightian Uncertainty: On the Role of Probability in Finance”- September 18, 2012

“Some Martingale Aspects of Financial Bubbles”- September 21, 2012

Nima Arkani-Hamed

“Space-Time Quantum Mechanics and Scattering Amplitudes”-September 30, 2013

“Philosophy of Fundamental Physics Lecture-Part I” -October 1, 2013

“Philosophy of Fundamental Physics Lecture-Part II” -October 3, 2013; [CC]

“Three Cheers for Shut Up and Calculate!”-September 28, 2017

Margaret Martonosi

“Science, Policy, and Services:  Some Thoughts on the Way Forward”-October 11, 2017 [CC]

David Stevenson

“In Defense of Crazy Ideas”-November 15, 2016


Andrew Dobson

“Elephants, Ivory and the Wildlife Trade”-October 19, 2017 [CC]

David Hillis

“DNA:  Fact, Fiction and the Future September 25, 2014; David Hillis”; [CC]

“Evolution, Longhorns and Thoughts About What We Eat” -September 24, 2014

 Sarah Blaffer Hrdy

“The Origin of Emotionally Modern Humans: What it means to Develop and Evolve as a Cooperatively Breeding Ape”-October 17, 2011

“Why are Dads so Variable in their Commitment to Fatherhood?”- October 18, 2011; [CC]

Laurie Marker

“A Future for Cheetahs:  How Biofuels and Goat Cheese Can Save Wildlife and Lead to Sustainable Development in Namibia” October 23, 2014; [CC]

Margaret McFall Ngai

“Animals at Complex Communities: Making Peace with Trillions of Microbial Partners”-September 25, 2012

“Waging Peace: Establishing Diplomatic Relations with Our Microbial Partners”(@Weill)- September 28, 2012

“The Art in Unseen Partnerships: The Beauty of Small Things” -November 4, 2014 (presented in conjunction with the exhibit: Shifting the Paradigm: Microbes as Animal Helpmates-Nov.4, 2014-January 2015)

@Weill “Microbes in Health and Disease”—Keynote address in conjunction with the day-long meeting Nanoempires in New York:  Microbes and Health and Disease-November 6, 2014

Jeffrey McNeely

“The Fifth Revolution: Lessons for the history of Cultural Development in Southeast Asia”-October 6, 2010

“What History Teaches us About Sustainability: Applications to Common-Property Resources”-October 5, 2010; [CC]

Andrew Revkin

“The Daily Planet:  A Journalist Review the Bidding after 30 Years of Exploring Environmental Science from the Amazon to the Arctic” October 23, 2014


Lakhdar Brahimi

“Out of Iraq? Options for the New President”-October 10, 2008

Cornell Institute of Public Affairs Weekly Colloquium Series: “The United Nations: Between Progress and Conflict”-October 6, 2008

“Iraq Endgame: The Future of U.S. Involvement in Iraq”-November 10, 2008; [CC]

Sir Partha Dasgupta

“The Problem of Trust: Norms and Laws in Economic Life”-February 2, 2010

“Nature’s Role in Sustaining Economic Development”-February 4, 2010

“How do we Reconcile the Difference in Economic Interests (market) with Consequences on the Environment?”-October 3, 2012

“Sustainably and the Measurement of Wealth”-October 5, 2012

Ann Markusen

“To Do Something Skillfully: Native American Artists’ Livelihoods and Contributions to Community”-February 19, 2010

“Cultural Planning and the Creative City: An Arts-Centered Research and Policy Agenda-February 22, 2008

“Creative Placemaking: Challenges, Evaluations Issues, and Implications for Artists and the Arts”-February 12, 2013

James Scott

“Two Cheers for Anarchism: Autonomy Dignity, and Meaningful Work and Play”-April 5, 2012; [CC]

Lord Robert Skidelsky

“The Impact of the Global Economic Crisis on the Future of International Relations”-April 18, 2012; [CC]

Albie Sachs

“The Fourie Case: Same-Sex Marriage in the South African Constitutional Court”-September 4, 2013

“Liberty and Fraternity, Bringing ʻUbuntuʼ into the Equation”-September 5, 2013; [CC]

“Reason, Passion and the Law:  The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law” September 8, 2015

” Nelson Mandela:  Memories of Working with Him Over Half a Century September 9, 2015;

Duncan Watts

“The Myth of Common Sense:  Why Everything that Seems Obvious Isn’t” September 9, 2014;  [CC]

“From Small-World Computer Networks to Computational Social Science:  Two Decades of Research in Between Disciplines”-September 13, 2018


Anne Carson

“Contempts”-February 16, 2012

Performance of “Bracko” and “Cassandra Float Can”-February 17, 2012


Hélène Cixous

“Volleys of Humanity” -September 21, 2010; [CC]

“Ay Yay: The Shout of Literature”-September 24, 2013

Laura Restrepo

“Authors in Search or The Child They Were: on memory and origin”- February 26, 2008



•“Sanctuary, Sanctuary” Keynote Address-February 28, 2008

•“Migraciones y gestas de fundación”-March 3, 2008

•“Demasiados heroes” (No Room for Heroes)-March 31, 2009

Denise Riley

•“The Suspension of Time After a Child’s Sudden Death: A Discussion in Two Parts”-March 8, 2011 and March 8, 2011


William Forsythe

A Choreographic Work: “Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time”-March 5, 2012

“In Conversation with Timothy Murray”-March 10, 2012

“In Conversation with Timothy Murray”- March 10, 2012; [CC]

“A Public Conversation with William Forsythe” -February 12, 2015 (Plenary session for conference-Sensation, Desire and the Moving Body)

“The ‘Grammar’ of Dance:  Illustrations and Conversation” -February 20, 2015

Christopher Hogwood

“The Past is a Foreign Country:  Why Making Music Matters”-October 25, 2013 [

“The Present and Future of Historically Informed Performance”-October 28, 2013

Xu Bing

On “The Character of Characters”-Friday, September 28, 2018

Wynton Marsalis

“Wynton Marsalis at Cornell-Wind Symphony and Jazz Band presenting his newly revised Blues Symphony”-March 28, 2018″ [CC]