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Professor-at-Large Lectures 1970-1995

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Professor-at-Large Lectures 1970-1995

The following lectures by A.D. White Professors-at-Large were originally recorded on magnetic tape and have recently been digitalized and made available at for streaming and download.

For more information about the digitization of these lectures please visit: and to browse other recently digitized lectures please visit:


Jacques Derrida

“The Principle of Reason and the Idea of the University”– April 19, 1983; (eCommons)

“Invention of the Truth”– April 18, 1984; (eCommons)

“Heidegger’s Hand”– September 11, 1985; (eCommons)

*“The Politics of Friendship”– October 3, 1988; (eCommons)

Sir Kenneth J. Dover

“Homosexuality and Initiation in Ancient Greece”– September 18, 1984; (eCommons)

Adrienne Rich

“Adrienne Rich reads her own poetry”– May 5, 1982; (eCommons)

Eudora Welty

 “Eudora Welty reads her short story The Wide Net– March 27, 1985; (eCommons)


John Szarkowski

“Early Photography and Modernism”– April 27, 1989; (eCommons)

Seyyed Hossein Nasr

“The Hierarchy of Islamic Arts”– September 22, 1994; (eCommons)


Harold Woolhouse

“Taking control of evolution: genetic manipulation and its consequences for various species”– October 25, 1984; (eCommons)

Norman Borlaug

“Seeds and Global Politics”- November 12, 1984; (eCommons)

*Lectures marked with an asterisk were given by A.D White Professors-at-Large Emeriti after their six-year appointment had ended.