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We are pleased that 6 new nominations were selected by the Selection Committee this year and they have been forwarded to the President and Board of Trustees for consideration at the May meeting.

Also, we announce the roster of formal campus visits arranged in conjunction with the 2019-2020 academic year.  More detailed information to be posted in late summer regarding programming details:


Prof. Stephen Quake (Life Science)-Oct. 7-11, 2019

Prof. Steven Levitsky (Social Science)-Nov. 3-8, 2019

Prof. Andrew Dobson (Life Science)-Nov. 11-15. 2019


David Stevenson (Physical Science)-Feb.16-22, 2020

Wynton Marsalis (Arts)-March 15-20, 2020

Keri Putnam (Arts)-April 2020


Also, please:

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It’s never too early to book a visit. We rely on as much advance time to prepare a successful visit. Cornell faculty hosts are urged to consider the six-year professorial term of Professors-at-Large and the feasibility of scheduled visits (not consecutive years) during that time period. We also try to limit the number of visits of three per semester (by different Professors-at-Large) and give those who schedule first a priority.