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MartÍn Caparrós

MARTÍN CAPARRÓS (2019-2025) is a distinguished Argentine author, writer and narrative journalist, and one of the fundamental Latin American voices of our time.  In 2017, he was awarded the prestigious Maria Moors Cabot award by the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, for outstanding reporting on America; specifying work on his nonfiction book-length work El Hambre (Hunger: The Mortal Crisis of Our Time, 2016), in which the author visits both the richest and poorest people of the earth in order to explore why hunger is one of today’s big unresolved issues. The book has been translated into 14 languages.

He was the recipient of the prestigious Herralde Prize (2011) for his novel Living; the Planeta Prize (2004) for his novel Valfierno; and the Guggenheim Fellowship (1994). He also writes biweekly columns for The New York Times and Spain’s El País.  His expertise interconnects with a range of cross-disciplinary topics including inter-American dialogue, food insecurity, and climate change.

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